Our goal is to provide a sustainable response to environmental issues and wasted resources in architecture and design. We aim to develop and investigate ways to transform wasted resources into new bio-materials and mycelium-composites by finding meaningful applications, like for example, temporary architectural pavilions, furniture, interior elements, art pieces,....

To reach that goal, we've developed the following methodology to advice organisations, companies or individuals:


Our methodology


  • We assess the current state of the R&D process of your organisation, regarding the development of bio/mycelium-composites
  • We identify with you the bottlenecks: for example, what are the current delaying factors?
  • We identify with you the crucial points of failure: for example, which steps in the research & design process are most vulnerable to failure?
  • We also diagnose opportunities for innovation in the material and design process.

Optimising growth conditions of the object:

  • The type and size of the feedstock
  • Optimising mycelium growth
  • Optimising the fabrication procedure

 Form finding:

  • Geometry and type of applications
  • Structural and mechanical analyses
  • Detailing
  • Aesthetics of the objects


Magma Nova uses her expertise on all stages of the product development. This could include, but is not limited to conducting and advising the experiments on fiber and mycelium, proposing designs, form-finding optimization, structural and mechanical analysis, detailing, process optimization, training of personnel, basic economical parameters. Additionally, Magma Nova can diagnose opportunities for improvement and innovation in the material growth, design and production process. 

Is your organisation looking for meaningful ways to transform its left-overs into biologically grown design objects?

Are you, as a designer, architect or engineer, looking for alternative grown materials?