To develop new and sustainable building and design materials we can rely on fungi. Wood, straw or coffee grounds forms the basis on which we grow the roots of a mushroom (the mycelium) to form a circular and biodegradable material. Because we're passioned about those fungi-materials, we want to make this new development the most accessible as possible to the large public. Therefor, we organise workshops, masterclasses and lectures about this theme.

During our workshops, participants learn to work with the fungi material, one of the most promising renewable material technologies today. The participants are introduced to "grow" objects in an innovative and sustainable way. Participants learn the basic underlying principles of biology, laboratory techniques and recipes.

We make use of molds in order to give the material the desired shape. Participants can bring their own mold to the workshop. It also add value if coffee grounds from the participants or the hosting organisation can be used, to highlight the sustainable and local nature of the workshop. After the workshop, all the participants receive an access to the open-source manual that as been developed by our team for making your own fungi-materials at home and continue the creative innovation.

There is no basic knowledge required for this workshop. The workshops can be given fluently in the 3 languages English, French and Dutch.

Currently we offer:

  • Fungi-material workshops
  • Bacterial leather workshops
  • Bio-design workshops
  • Bio 3D printing workshops

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